Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My what big eyes you have...

I know I said I wouldn’t put any creepy crawlies on my marshmallows, but one of my biggest fans sends me pictures taken with this amazing macro photo lens. His macrophotography is incredible.  He spots the tiniest creature and snaps an amazing photo that is surely to give nightmares to any arachnophobic person. I simply had to try my hand at a one of the creatures.  In order to get the deep black color I had to create the spider first and then hand paint it black. The fondant ‘fangs’ were tricky to apply and the legs were very temperamental. Once I placed it onto the chocolate covered marshmallow I wasn’t about to move it again.  I think a real arachnid is suppose to have 6 legs, (or is it 8?)….well, let me tell you making a spider out of fondant (on a small marshmallow, no less), is quite a challenge…so let us pretend that spidey here has the proper #of legs, ok? Ok!


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  1. These Spider Marshmallows are truly a stroke of Genius !!!!!!!!!!!!!! they say....''Art Imitates Life''...and you seemed to capture my ''Macrophotography Spider'' with the utmost precision and seems to ...''come alive'' on the tiny Marshmallow !!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work !
    Culinary Greetings from...
    ''The Macrophotography guy and the Macrophotography's guy's wife !!