Friday, July 29, 2011

The Edible Tansu

I took todays marshmallow on location with me for the photo shoot to get a picture of it atop an amazing artistic piece of furniture called a Tansu.  Tansu is the word for chest, chest of drawers or cupboard in Japanese.  It is a finely crafted piece of furniture that combines beauty and functionality.  This particular marshmallow I made earlier is a miniature replica of a master craftsman’s Tansu atop the white curvature. This is a Kaidan-dansu (or step-chest) Tansu. Like a real wooden Tansu my fondant was carefully crafted to get the steps even and attach the silver handles to each drawer. During transportation I lost one of the drawer handles on my piece…but that is the danger that comes with on-site marshmallow photography I guess. To add some color to my piece, I created a fondant potted plant along side my Tansu. 

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