Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Night Fiesta!

After a week of work I like to always have a fun themed dinner to kick off the weekend (well, honestly, I love themed dinners any day of the week!). Tonight I was in the mood for nachos and homemade burritos. I took soft flour tortillas and put cheese, sour cream, black beans (sometimes I use chili) and heat in the oven until the inside is hot and the outside is crispy. Add a small side of chips and mild salsa and…YUM! I used all the flour tortillas so I used a left over hard taco shell for the décor in my marshmallow photo shoot.  This marshmallow has a small bowl of HOT salsa (can you see the fondant green jalapeño pieces?) and the tortilla chips came out looking like real chips! I rolled the yellow fondant out paper thin and used my Showtime #15 knife to cut tiny triangles and black food coloring to make the corn chip markings. !Malvavisco muy buena!

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