Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mamma Mia

I went to the Italian section of town for dinner to feast at one of the oldest restaurants in the city. A man playing an accordion was down the street so the festive mood was set before we even entered. Built in 1931 and located in the historic section of town we sat at a large table (we were a party of 10) and ate delicious Italian food while talking and laughing. I ordered the Gnocchi al Filetto di Pomodoro.  The restaurant had a charming atmosphere and the food was delish - I would certainly go back.  My sister helped me search for an ideal place to perch my sweet treat which we first took at the bar area while we waited for our table. I had made my chocolate covered marshmallow in advance in anticipation of the cannoli I was planning to order after my meal.   After covering my marshmallow I rolled out the brown fondant for the cookie shell and rolled it so the corners met at the top. Instead of the cream filling I used white fondant that I had fluffed with a hors d'oeuvre pick. When I made the marshmallow I let the curvature dry before putting the cannoli on top and attached it using some melted chocolate in my piping bag.

All the linens at our table were white, so the server offered her black tray so I could get a zoom portrait of my tasty confection. Here is another picture.

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