Monday, August 15, 2011

The smell of roses and marshmallows...sweeeet!

Awww, I received flowers! I immediately opened the card and put the bouquet into a glass vase. What a wonderful way to brighten up a rainy day! I have them displayed in the center of the room and they smell fantastic. Todays marshmallow is a sweet little hand-molded fondant butterfly to flutter about the petals of the roses. First, I colored the fondant and pressed it flat. I cut out the shape of the butterfly and folded it in half and set it on the edge of a small box to dry and harden so it would stay in the open ‘flying’ position. Then I secured the little dots on with a few dabs of water and placed on a few leaves. I made the veins of the leaves with my Showtime #15 knife and glued the butterfly into place with some chocolate curvature left in my piping bag. This sure does cheer up a rainy day, and I love the colors in this picture!

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  1. Very colorful....really beautiful!