Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's go water tubing!

There was no way I could take a picture of this little treat on location. I made it in advance to bring with me on a little boat trip, however, once I got on the boat, there was no way I was going to be able to position my marshmallow safely (no life vests for marshmallows) and take a picture without loosing my camera or the marshmallow over board. Plus, it was SO hot in the sun that the marshmallow and fondant art wouldn’t have lasted long enough for a picture. SO, I’m considering this marshmallow to be an on-site traveling marshmallow, because I DID in fact bring it with me on the boat, I just brought it back and took the picture this evening instead….to SAVE the marshmallow. It was in its best interest.  It is a water tube…where you sit on it and the boat pulls you through the water.  Being on the boat today reminded me when I was growing up we would take turns riding (I think the tube was called the ‘screamer’) and we’d bounce behind the motorboat (which I’m pretty sure was called Big Bertha) while trying not to get thrown off the tube and into the lake. Aaah, being on the boat today reminded me of old times, indeed. It sure was fun, then and now!  I used my food colorants to get the deep rich blue water colors, and I carefully tore each little piece to give the waves and texture of the lake water. The tube is a yellow piece of fondant hand shaped into tube form. It was tricky to get the ‘ropes’ attached. …Hang on tight!

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  1. Your Marshmallows certainly go on exciting adventures !