Sunday, August 14, 2011

The most realistic blueberries ever

I love going to the farm and picking fresh fruit. My favorite is blueberries. My Grammie makes an amazing Blueberry Pizza that is out of this world. Today I went blueberry picking and tried to duplicate the deep blue of a blueberry with my fondants and colorings. My first attempts were too ocean blue, and I realized that blueberries are so dark blue they are almost black. I tried several ways to make the crowns out of fondant and decided that painting the crowns on was the best way to do it. I made the traditional green carton out of my fondant and carefully placed my dark dark blue fondant blueberries into the container and painted on the crowns with my black food colorants. I put the whole container on a chocolate covered marshmallow and set it right in my carton of real blueberries. No joke….my blueberries upon first glance look as real as the real blueberries that I picked.

1 comment:

  1. Your fondant blueberries look like the real blueberries...amazing....and ...PLEASE give us that '''Blueberry Pizza Recipe'' sounds delicious !