Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back To School...

Back to the grind after fun and sun…and sadly the summer season is soon ending, and according to all the stores its Back To School time! Shelves are stocked with backpacks, notebooks, pens, erasers, lunch coolers and the $1.00 bins are busting with supplies. I created this little back to school marshmallow treat with a composition notebook and pencil. (I mean a teeny tiny composition notebook and pencil). I used my fine paintbrush dipped in black colorant to make the mottled swirls on the book and to write the #2 on the hand molded pencil. I also hand painted the pencil point.  These marshmallows aren’t just amazing, they are smart too! I think I deserve an A+ for this art-piece.

1 comment:

  1. I had a #2 Yellow Pencil like this when I was in school....( a long time ago...ha-ha-ha-)....and my Composition Notebook looked just like the one you created here !