Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello Marshmallow

I thought this Hello Kitty pez dispenser was pretty cute. I was always intrigued with the pez and pez dispenser…such a funny idea to make little candies pop out of the neck of a super hero or famous icon when you click it back. …And why was is it called PEZ? I’ll tell you… it is from the German word Pfefferminz… meaning peppermint, which is what the original candies were made of. Click back the head of the dispenser and a tiny candy pops out. It’s entertaining and tasty.   Brilliant I say.
For my marshmallow masterpiece I molded a good sized piece of white fondant to make her head, and tinted a small piece pink for her bow. I used my finest brush to paint on the black whiskers, and eyes with my colorants. I put the eyes in the ‘natural’ position, and that is the only thing that makes my Hello Kitty just a little off….her eyes are VERY far apart. To bring my marshmallow to level with the pez dispenser I put the candy coated marshmallow on top of a second candy coated marshmallow. Klicken Sie, essen Sie!


  1. Great dessert idea for a party...everyone gets their own little..'' Marshmallow Kitty Treat'' !

  2. That is adorable...!