Thursday, September 22, 2011

White chocolate marshmallows with white drizzle

I am headed to a bridal shower on Friday night and today made a plate full of these white chocolate covered marshmallows to bring. I made them very simple, white chocolate with white chocolate drizzle. The curvature was melting very nice in my double boiler and I simply dipped each marshmallow in and set it on parchment paper to dry. When they were dry I piped chocolate across them. At the last moment I decided to pipe some scrolls and insert it into a few of the delectable marshmallow bon bons.  I have them in print paper liners vs. the white liners and lined them up on my crystal platter. I’ll try to get a better picture tomorrow before I leave.


  1. ''It's a Marshmallow World'' a song from my hear it played on the radio every Christmas...with the white chocolate've created've got your very own... ''MARSHMALLOW WORLD'' !

  2. Yes, by Dean Martin.... it is a personal favorite of mine!