Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Bundt

I have a Wilton Cascade pan...which is basically an uber fancy Bundt pan and I try to utilize it at least once a year when the occasion permits. It was exciting to see such a large cake unveil as I turned the pan upside down to release the cake onto the cooling rack.  I used yellow cake mix, and when it cooled surrounded it with fresh fruit.

Then cut it up for my guests….. it was missing something though...

There... all set!


  1. What a beautiful cake !!!!!! looks delicious with the blueberries...strawberries.. and the marshmallow topping patriotic... wonder where I can buy this..''uber bundt pan'' ??????...the search is on ....tomorrow I will try ''Bed Bath Beyond''..maybe ''Walmart'' ?..this is going to be my first dessert for...''2012'' !

  2. it not only looked delicious, it tasted delicious! The cake was very moist.
    ~~a guest