Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mini-Marshmallow Beads

Today I felt like creating something totally different. Inspired by a colorful bracelet I saw yesterday while dining out (I ordered the portabella and mozzarella over a bed of greens).  I thought of making these really cute edible beads out of my mini-marshmallows. I carefully took the dyes and painted the mini-marshmallow with my super small brush. The edible inks didn’t dry as fast as I was hoping because I used natural colorants for the paint color such as beet juice and red cabbage. The colors are rich and the blue looks almost black. I only use them occasionally because they’re about $7.00 for an ounce of color. I’m curious if I could let the sweets sit for a few days and perhaps string them into my own edible marshmallow ‘bead’ bracelet. To keep with the crunchy natural feel of the bracelet I was thinking of I put some of the marshmallows into a mini bamboo bowl.

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