Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Marshmallow of Magnitude

At a family get together today I was introduced to a new size of marshmallows. This particular marshmallow is a true roaster. It’s about three or four times the size of your standard marshmallow. I’ve never seen a marshmallow of this magnitude before… my sister claims she found them at the supermarket. I’ll definitely be checking on that to see about getting a bag or two or three.  This colossal sized marshmallow would be able to accommodate much more art than the standard marshmallow treats I normally utilize and much more chocolate coating would be used. I could also create some nice picture scenes with the colorants.  I am wondering if this is a seasonal item or a new up-and-coming marshmallow size.  Here is a picture of the gargantuan sized marshmallow next to a regular and mini-marshmallow.

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