Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Little (really, really little) House

I still have my big bag of mini-marshmallows so decided to do a little undersized doodling today. I must admit the bag is much smaller today as I ate most of the ones I didn’t paint yesterday. This miniature delectable treat has a petite colonial house painted on it. I was using the natural colorants again, so the color choices were limiting…I wanted a blue colonial house (this one is red),  I would have put four windows across the top floor, and tried to add a little deck to the right hand side, however, there just was not enough space on this tiny edible canvas. I like that I was able to put a tree next to it (can you see the red apple dots?). I also put a chimney and puff of smoke….a fall scene; I guess… apple trees and chimney smoke may be out of season. I’ll have to get my regular food colorings and do some summer outdoor scenes with bright blue oceans and sailboats.

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