Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let's Play Ball

It has been raining all day…I was looking forward to some weekend fun outdoors now that summer is officially here and the warm weather SHOULD be in full force. I dipped these marshmallows into the chocolate coating and added the basketball and baseball before the coating dried. For the golf greenery I waited until the coating was dry first, and then applied some extra coating to the back of the green before adding it. This technique ensured that the putting green area would be flat. I used WHITE fondant and colored the pieces myself by massaging the colorants into the white until it was the desired color I needed for the two balls and putting green….this is not a good use of time since they sell fondant already colored, but, I could only work with what I had on hand and the rain today did not encourage me to go out to the store. Then I simply rolled the fondant into balls then carefully painted the lines on.   The golfing green I rolled into a small green ball then compressed it into a flat kidney shape. There is also a tiny hole atop the green made with a toothpick dipped in black colorant; the golf ball is a tiny piece of bead fondant. I didn’t make as many ‘sporty’ marshmallows as I had wanted to today… at some point I’d like to make a treat that will help inspire me to play tennis or bocce when the rain stops.

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