Thursday, January 5, 2012

Marshmallow Penguins (caution- very cute marshmallow post)

I was browsing the bakery department at my local supermarket and spotted these adorable little penguins on top of cookies! I just couldn’t resist coming home and attempting them myself. I love new marshmallow ideas and especially love it when I see other people and places coming up with new ideas for marshmallows too. To make the penguins I used bare marshmallows and piped black tinted frosting for the head and flippers then orange frosting for the nose and feet. I first piped white eyes but then decided to use candy eyeballs instead because I was afraid the black frosting would run into the white eyes. I had some little marshmallow snowmen leftover from the other day (that I had put in the freezer…so smart of me!)  and I decided to let it make friends with the penguins. Way too cute!  I think if someone has a winter themed cake going on, these would give it the perfect touch.

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  1. Very cute...they look so delicious !