Sunday, October 23, 2011

The leaning tower of lighthouse

I love lighthouses, especially when I get to visit them during beautiful crystal clear blue sky days, and I love lighthouses even MORE when I have a marshmallow queued up for a scenic photo shoot. This is an amazing view of Brandt Point. I made the marshmallow in advance of course, and my recollection was it had stripes…wrong was I. The breeze was blowing, the boats were sailing, and it was just an all around gorgeous day. My little marshmallow fared well during the trip although the lighthouse started to tilt just a tad…aaaah, the struggles of traveling marshmallows. I have another traveling marshmallow coming up from the little trip. Thanks for your patience in my delayed postings!


  1. Great post! Ive been waiting all week for a new one!

  2. When do the Thanksgiving marshmallows make their debut?