Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marshmallow Chocolate Bites

I needed a quick and easy treat to bring into a large (indoor) beach party. I made about 50 of these little guys. I melted real chocolate pieces and then rolled in Mini-marshmallows. I had to make sure the chocolate wasn’t too hot or the marshmallow would have melted, which would have tasted great, but I needed to clump the mixture into little blobs so I could put them into paper cups for serving. I tried not to fully cover the marshmallows either so you could see part of the white peeking through the chocolate. Then I just tossed on some rainbow sprinkles. This was “quick” because it was easy to prepare, but they weren’t ready right away because real chocolate takes so long to set, especially when you don’t add crystals to thin out the morsels.  It took several hours before the chocolate was ready…. But it’s always worth the wait!

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